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Cuts 4 Tots offers the following:

Cuts 4 Tots offers a BABY’S FIRST PROFESSIONAL HAIRCUT CERTIFICATE as a souvenir of this memorable event. This includes a cute certificate, baby’s lock of hair, before and after haircut photos.

A Cuts 4 Tots GIFT CERTIFICATE, on the other hand, is a unique, all-occasion gift alternative for little tots.

The I’M SPECIAL! CARD is our membership discount card. It entitles members to a 10% discount on all kiddie services, valid for one whole year from the time of issue

Our Product Line-up


BEAR NECESSITIES Anti Bug Spray, 100 ml
100% DEET Free, pleasant smelling
Repels mosquitoes for upto 3 hours
Plant-based active ingredients


BEAR NECESSITIES 115 ml Extra Gentle styling gel for kids
Non-sticky, non-alcohol


Cuts 4 Tots brand

Cuts 4 Tots Hair Shine Mist, P50 ml
Protects hair while blow drying
Spray onto hair and leave-on after styling for extra shine!!!


and good quality hair accessories for kids.